Wedding Photography Chapel hill

Last Sunday we participated in The Carolina Inn Bridal showcase. This was our tenth year of being in the show and we are certainly one of the longest running companies to participate. The show was a great success with almost 200 brides coming to see what was on offer from the industries leading wedding professionals. In our booth we had a 5ft canvas from a wedding reception we shot last year at Keenan stadium.  The photo raised a lot of interest especially from the many UNC Alumni that were in attendance at the show. They wanted to know the story behind the shot, so here it is… The wedding was on June 21st 2014.  The bride was Katy Liu and the groom was Alan Smeltz. They were married at Christ United Methodist Church in Southern Village, Chapel Hill.  The reception was in the “Blue Zone” in Keenan Stadium. As it got close to sunset we decided to take the couple out to the patio for some photos. The sky was absolutely gorgeous and we used an LED light to light the couple against the background. What also helps this photo is the dramatic back lighting of the stadium’s floodlights. What you can’t see in this image is the hundred or so people working out on the football field, as it was the first day of training for the UNC football team. Also, what you obviously can’t hear is the background of booming rap music that accompanied their workout. This ended up being a really fun shoot and a great final image for their wedding album. Here it is……..